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Ranked 71 of 1,693 brands   车身用包包・行李箱(尾箱)
(244 会员评论)

DEGNER presents product with originality, such as leather jackets or pants of KAZAN (used Japanese traditional fabric) brand, and is much favored by various fans. Their company's slogan is to stick to idea of valuable quality, design & price

DEGNER 磁力式油箱地图包

【What made you decide the purchase?】Touring mapple R enters Tank Bag (Map Case) There are not many choices, but as long as you can put a map for the moment, the thickness that does not damage the Form...

DEGNER 合成皮革马鞍包

I bought it with Degnert's RnineT exclusive Saddlebag SupportBracket, but I can firmly fix it with two Hooks and never slide on running. When installing Back, it interferes with Blinker slightly a...

DEGNER BMW RnineT専用马鞍包支撑架

Because the model Exclusive Design, the installation system was perfect, it was possible to attach a pon without any processing. The difficulty is that you need to remove Rear frame for installation, ...

DEGNER 骑士套装收纳包

【What made you decide the purchase?】 Click here for less options【How was it actually used?】 It is tricky to use permanently.【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】【Please tell me the point of...

DEGNER 可调式坐垫包

I bought it for Touring for 1 night.Bag itself was the texture I expected, but the attached fixed Belt was a problem.I only have to purchase Belt by another, but I felt it was a product that took time...


Is it a w650 Tank? Or, six Suction Cups often bite up and there is nothing to be taken while driving, there is not to be shifted, there is feeling firm from Magnet.There is a hard plate on the bottom,...

DEGNER 防水侧包(马鞍包)

I bought it as a cheap Side bag that can withstand rain if it is a day trip..Waterproof performance seems to be good, Material is also solid.As a precaution, be careful when installing Rear seat in a ...


I prefer DEGNER's products,Leg bag tried various kinds of Manufacturer so I tried purchasing.Unlike other products, Belt to wear around the waist,Since it is a single hang, there is no annoyance t...

DEGNER 携带型皮革鞋耙

Helmet purchased it with parts. It looks bigger than I thought it was. I'm satisfied myself because it makes me stand out. Practicality is also good as it can be easily removed and used.

DEGNER 磁吸式油箱包

I am using it with GSR 400. Because it is a Slim shape with Small's Size, it is hard to get in the way of driving. Also, thanks to a small increase in capacity with easy operation it is appreciate...

DEGNER 环保香蕉包

I used it for Long touring.Because it is Motorcycle without storage, I often hesitate to shop at Touring destination, but this time there was this Bag so I did not need to worry.I will drive with a sh...

DEGNER  DB-05膝盖防磨块

Knee Slider I'm anxious if I do not scrape even if there is it. DEGNER's RacingSuit has more than DEGNER insistenceprice - shape - Material - Fit feeling It is felt that it is a good item not ...


Purchased according to Rookie's Leather jacket.Processing of the hem is done with Boots outThe leather texture should be the same.Noteworthy is the bellows design of the knee designIt is supposed ...

DEGNER 网格皮革半指手套

Purchased the largest size offered and they were too small. Couldn't even get my hand partially in the glove. Didn't return them because shipping internationally is a real pain in the ass. The gloves ...


Regarding waterproof nature, I think that it is very good. But, if I scratch it with Fastener etc, I think whether it will be fairly early. Although it is Nylon, the hole is ...... Also, the content o...


It was a product that warmed up with the item list I wanted for many yearsFinally in this hand ,,.Products compared to Kadoya and Rafuro "Lightness" Stands out.I feel comfortable because it ...

DEGNER 皮革斜背包

The Waist Bag that I am currently using has been using for 4 years and the opening and closing of Zipper got sweet. The Body bag of DEGNER caught my eyes and tried purchasing it. Leather is soft Soft ...

DEGNER 皮革工具包

I used a synthetic leather tool Bag so far, but aged deterioration (?) Because the form collapsed with, I bought DEGNER's Tool Bag.Truly genuine leather. Both shape and texture are Large satisfied...

DEGNER Vintage Leather Jacket

Design as stated in the photo, texture.There is also a VINTAGE-like wind, in an unlikely placeI am entering Damage but it is very Parenthesis Yoi.Because it is cowhide leather is light and supple and ...

DEGNER Chaps车靴护套 DBC-08

Well, DEGNER!I feel it..Both Texture and Design, Good.Also, I feel patchy.Large durable in cold weather as well.


When I used Ren Barrel Motorcycle at my destination I used it to bring Helmet. A Belt with a hook was attached to the four corners, and it was able to attach it to the backpack of the hand. There is n...

DEGNER 安全帽安全头套 HR-1

For emergency use in Circuit.I pray that things will not be used,Because it is necessary equipment in Circuit.Small helmet attachment / detachment also becomes little.Since I have not used it in the s...

DEGNER 安全帽安全头套 HR-1

It is essential in the official Race of MFJ, but of course the city ride and the speed range change also in the running meeting, I think that it is better to use because it becomes easy to fall.When I...


It is necessary for other installationCan be safe with Japanese ManufacturerI have other items of this ManufacturerYou can trust if it is the same thing than the reliability so far

DEGNER 安全帽安全头套 HR-1

it was completely uninterested until it used, but at the time of a Mini bike race, the Team member advanced, and it came out, and purchased this product.
When covered with the Helmet, the feeling of...

DEGNER 安全帽安全头套 HR-1

It purchased in order to run in a Race.
Although the same thing has come out from each company, may the same almost be said of which?
Since I was cheap, I purchased these goods....

DEGNER 安全帽安全头套 HR-1

[a Webike Monitor] -- although it purchased due to the Regulation of the Race -- the face -- it can also print -- since it decreases and sweat is hard to transmit a Helmet -- -- it is good if an awkw...

DEGNER 安全帽安全头套 HR-1

This was found when some measures were looked for, since the inside of a helmet was steamed and steamed by the heat of midsummer, and it was a state. It is thin beyond anticipation, and it is carrying...

DEGNER 安全帽安全头套 HR-1

The Mino helmet remover same in a race. It is the same, although anything is chosen since a price and the contents are equivalent also to each company. Since it is called a pioneer, most one is arai m...

DEGNER 引擎保护外盖『GuardGuard君』

This time I purchased Black color according to the color of Saddle bag. I attached it so as to involve Magic tape without the need of adjustment in particular.Length also looks fine and looks good.How...