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Ranked 2 of 1,803 brands   引擎
(3,342 会员评论)


KITACO 排气管垫片2个入

We exchanged for Manifold replacement. It fits tightly and there is no Wobble, either..In exchange, it was hard to get out of what I was attaching rather than putting on..The thing that was exchanged ...

KITACO 后避震器(W315)

It seems that NORMAL wants to manage an unreliable feeling, looks (I wanted to align it with the color of Body) I bought it with.Because it is a commuting application, it got harder and felt good, so ...

KITACO EX 排气管弹簧组

I'm very happy with the KITACO EX exhaust spring set. The stock alu springs that came with the exhaust was starting to get very oxidized and ugly, so it was a nice cheap upgrade to change to theses sh...

KITACO 风镜增高座

Originally I was thinking when Screen was not out, but it was cold in the midwinter and hit Screen when wearing Knuckle Visor so I installed it to secure the space.Because the thing called Well nut wa...

KITACO LED方向灯对应闪光继电器

I attached it to ZOOMER-X, I tried replacing it due to high flasher of unknown reason, I just replaced it, because it is the same shape as the OEM, I just exchanged it. At the same time, I changed the...

KITACO 多功能后托架

Clean looking, the texture of the product itself is also satisfied well.Although I attach the top case of HEPCO & BECKER, since the mounting method of Carrier is fixed with Bolt directly to the ti...

KITACO 煞车皮(鼓式煞车)

Эти Колодки поставил на Suzuki address 110, качество отличное, тормоза с ними стали мягкими, вообщем купил не пожалел. These Pads put on Suzuki address 110, the quality is excellent, the brakes with t...

KITACO 铝合金脚踩起动杆 (银​​色)

คันสตาร์ทkitaco มีรูปทรงที่สวย เงางาม วัสดุแข็งแรงทนทาน ติดตั้งง่าย เข้ารูปตรงรุ่นกับรถฮอนด้าdio zx ใช้งานง่าย
Kitaco starter Shiny shape, durable material, easy to install, straight model with Honda...

KITACO 汽油滤芯 type R

It is being used for Fuel fliter of VANVAN 90.I used a similar Filter before.Fuel Hose of VANVAN 90 has an inner diameter of 6 mm.I think Filter 's eyes are also fine so I can see the condition of...

KITACO 侧驻开关消除器(type-B)

Installation will be completed if installation is 1 minute.At Side Stand, engine is over and Large satisfied. I wish I had installed it faster.

KITACO 弹簧勾-工具

A great tool for a long time wanted to buy this. Production of Japan! Quality is simply excellent! I have been using the services of this store for a long time and I am very satisfied with the quality...

KITACO 33件 工具组

Look for Compact things as an on-board tool and purchase.Fortunately there are no scenes that became necessary at the destination after purchasing.good point- Compact and rich in variety* Universal jo...

KITACO Pulley 固定器

In overhauling Clutch of SUPER CUB, a tool to fix Clutch became necessary. There were several kinds of tools to fix, but I chose Pulley holder which is tenacious for the time beingClamp the Holder in ...

KITACO 扭力扳手 350mm DR6-30NM

Purchased for Engine Bore up. I have not used any other Torque wrench, but I thought that this thing was enough. It is cheap and good item.

KITACO Taro-Kun Float Float/危险警告灯套件

Hazard lamps are common equipment in recent bikes, but it is one of the items you want from the old car ride.The moment I found this product, this was it!.Installation was not too difficult, the momen...

KITACO 综合开口扳手

【What made you decide the purchase?】 Affordable Large Kid and multiple Size Combinations【How was it actually used?】 Just fit by inserting Just fit【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】 It do...

KITACO 综合开口扳手

I wish there was enough. I feel a little busy and I feel that Small does not turn around. To be honest it is hard to use, but as there is no frequency, well well - - - It is better than substituting w...

KITACO 油壶 3公升

Oil Jug is used only a few times a year so it is mostly placed in the crib, but where the dust and Oil Sauce are concerned.Since it has a lid here, neither mixing of Dust nor Sauce of Oil is worrisome...

KITACO 不锈钢保安钢丝

Wiring to all places, 0. Just a good thickness with 57 mm. If it is thin, it can cut in the middle of Twist and handling is hard when it is thick if it is thick. If you worry 0. It is correct answer c...

KITACO Taro-Kun Float Float/危险警告灯套件

Buy FUSION's Hazard installation.Fusion has a fancy Blinker functionIt was useless in DAYTONA's things I always bought.It's OK to install.

KITACO 超机械臂锁 (TDZ-06)

I am relieved heavily because I am thick Arm. It might be possible to cut it if it takes time to cut off, but I think that it can not be done easily.

KITACO 光盘 锁 KDL - 10

I do not know whether this type number lock, but I purchased Size for GSX 1300 R HAYABUSA. Firmly firmly hold, you can turn key to Smooth. And by being much more anti-theft than traditional Disc Lock,...

KITACO 侧包(马鞍包)支架

Essential items for attaching a Side bag to CB 223 S of Mono Suspension.Easy to install because of high accuracy.Easy, but there is enough strength and security feel is different.


Exhaust System exchange and set, surely purchased. Except for this, I can not think of any further Exhaust System anti-theft measure (*^^*) However, I want more room for Length selection.


Excellent looks on my bike and is very useful as a keychain. the built quality is very good too so i hope it will last long. nice accesory to wear on.

KITACO APE 系纵型引擎用 虎之卷(上座编)

Challenge for the first Bore up, Service manual and Parts List were prepared but purchased additionally.Since it was described carefully for the shoot, it became Large change reference.It was also nic...

KITACO 超机器人手臂锁

It is a lightweight MODEL but it is heavy and very secure.Just to put it in the backpack and feel Large and heavy.It may need strength of Backpack itself.I decided to use it for home use.


I could not bear the vibration of ducati monster 1100evo and it ceased to charge on the way. A part of the foundation was bankrupt if I opened the inside. Garbage


Because GYROUP's loading platform was quite heavy but only fixed with M8 Bolt 4 pieces, from when it was changed from 8 Mark's Hexagon Bolt to Nameless Set bolt, it also doubles as a theft pre...

KITACO Monkey Super Cub 系水平引擎用 懒人包 (腰上编) Vol.4

Watch local MotorcyclePartsShop selling at fixed prices, buy from hereOrder together with various things, shipping fee is free, reasonable priceFor the day we can open the Engine, it is preparation of...

KITACO 把手固定安全帽锁

The OEMHelmet holder is equipped in the Left Side under the Seat, but I wanted to relocate this around the Handlebar and purchased this product.1) Since OEMBolt of XT250X can not be used, we also prep...

KITACO 把手固定安全帽锁

First buy in webike, there is many helmet lock in webike, i choose kitaco since it has color and it is a japan famous brand in motocycle, it is very beautiful when i receive it, and it is very useful....

KITACO 安全帽锁含后视镜座

【What made you decide the purchase?】Nisshin to your favorite car Grom this time : Brake master cylinder kit installed. Before installation, KITACO : I used Helmet holder - - - Nisshin : By replacing i...

KITACO 安全帽挂钩

NMAX125 / There is no Helmet holder in 155. It can be stored in Seat or Top case, but it is troublesome if there are Tandem people.This product removes Normal bolt, it is relatively easy to install. H...


There is no particular discontent about this product. In other words, I am happy that it is a bit cheaper.When installing this product, because there is some power, let's persevere patiently.

KITACO 安全帽挂钩 (T-2)

Three months have passed since we used it, but it works well even in the rainy season.Because it is made of Plating, we sometimes spend Wax, but if you do not put it, White Pottery has come up.Periodi...

KITACO 安全帽锁含后视镜座

I bought two of the same goods, but one has a key in Smooth, but the key does not open in Smooth on the other side so the key will not enter unless it is confusing for a while.Is there also such a thi...


Easy installation makes it easy to remove and remove the jaw strap.Continue to use after purchase, but there is no problem.However, a bit of Rust is coming out.It is a pity that only that point.

KITACO 把手固定安全帽锁

Best product ever. Kitaco helmet lock, made to last and came in good quality. not the first time purchasing. worth the price.

KITACO 把手固定安全帽锁

Very useful helmet lock, universal for most bike with handlebar. good kitaco quality. came with 2 keys that is safe if even 1 key is lost.