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Ranked 35 of 1,814 brands   排气系统
(466 会员评论)

Moriwaki Engineering 在这34年来以专业赛车队伍的姿态积极参加各项竞赛,并且探究技术,由一群执着于机车产品的匠师所制造出来的产品,称之为绝品当之无愧。


MORIWAKI 车身骨架装饰塞

YAMAHA XJR1300去年就停产了,这辆车从到手到现在也已经7年了,爱车是时候退役要进收藏了,所以要好好修整一下它,要找到这个车型零部件本来就不容易,何况是这个银色的变速箱盖周边的装饰,Webike居然有,赞。
YAMAHA XJR1300 was discontinued last year. This car has been in use for 7 years. It is tim...


나는 혼다의 바이크는 아니지만 내 바이크에 맞는 제품이라 매우 만족합니다
개스킷의 가공이 약간 필요했지만 그래도 크게 어려운 작업은 아니었습니다
소리는 처음에는 조용했지만 타면 탈수록 괜찮은 소리를 내기 시작합니다...

MORIWAKI 全段排气管 ZERO RACING [零 Racing ]

Thank you very much. I thought that the welded part of the Exhaust System had been rusted When you confirmed kindly I found out that it was after burning the welding! It is a relief to judge it as nor...

MORIWAKI 全段排气管 ZERO RACING [零 Racing ]

After purchasing the Exhaust System purchase After removing the Exhaust System Body wrap for installation, the back of the Leather coat has its eyesIt seems to be somewhat rusted! Well if it is a merc...

MORIWAKI MX Slip-on尾段排气管

Although I was suffering with YOSHIMURA or MORIWAKI by Silencer's choice, the deciding factor is that the Heat cover is attached and the rainbow-colored beauty. Since it is also set to Option of M...


I was looking for something something with Stand Hook. It is made by MORIWAKI, both texture and accuracy, there is no problem at all. It is cheaper and satisfied than what other Anodized Treatment is ...


MORIWAKI Headlight Bracket is very suitable for Honda CB400SF NC42. The quality of product is pretty good. I like it very much!

MORIWAKI [排气系统维修零件] D100 Ti带橡胶

We ordered Band rubber for MORIWAKI's Exhaust Band. I thought that I bought it even at Rubber Seat at Home center and thought about using it, but I purchased it because I could order a MORIWAKIOEM...

MORIWAKI MX Slip-on尾段排气管

It's MORIWAKI for Honda cars!I installed it with.Because it is Slip-on Silencer It is easy to install..Making MORIWAKIEngineerRing!The sound was bigger than I thought.It is the sound of Parallel t...

MORIWAKI 车身骨架装饰塞

I also used it at the time of CB 400 SB.It is re-purchase for transfer.CB 1300 and CB 400 are replaced by Large because they are different in size.

MORIWAKI 钥匙圈(竞赛型)

I did not own any Moriwaki exhaust but the look and design of this key chain interest me. The quality is superb and because of its cover is made from leather, it did not scratch the motorbike key area...

MORIWAKI 钥匙圈(竞赛型)

I attached MORIWAKI's Exhaust System, so I made a choice.Because it is made of leather, it seems that it will not be scratched near the Top Bridge.I am looking forward to changing the color of the...

MORIWAKI 钥匙圈(竞赛型)

It is a Key ring.He wanted to attach to the key of a Motorcycle and it purchased.Since a raw material is also leather and a crack is not easily attached to the circumference of a key, it is recommende...

MORIWAKI 钥匙圈(竞赛型)

[a Webike Monitor] -- also making the Logo of the Katakana called bear a close resemblance to Saki's youth in about 30 years -- although -- it is and makes me who reach his 40's and will ride on a Mo...

MORIWAKI 钥匙圈(商标)

Although it thought which it would be made [ direction of a trademark ] the direction of a RACING, since it was not so high, he bought both.The direction of a trademark regards only a few as a high gr...

MORIWAKI 钥匙圈(竞赛型)

It attached to the key fitted with a motor.
although the somewhat large kana ? was thought when it saw at the beginning -- -- I thought that this was an ant now since it is very well conspicuous whe...

MORIWAKI 钥匙圈(竞赛型)

Although it is budget prices, there may be a high grade feeling. The size was also good exactly!

MORIWAKI 钥匙圈(商标)

The logo of middle separated. When attached with the adhesive bond, it stopped separating, but I consider that it is better to have been more powerful at the time of shipment and to stick.

MORIWAKI 钥匙圈(商标)

It united with the trademark sticker and purchased. Although mono-[ itself ] is good, what the middle portion (trademark) of goods is likely to separate in is worrying... paste -- although he has a fe...


It is recommended if you like MORIWAKIEngineerRing. It is bright BlueIt is also good for everyday use without discomfort. If you like Motorcycle you should knowMORIWAKIMark is a good feeling.