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NTB releases items developed with high quality and good cost performance that all matches to genuine products including brake pad to oil filter. Even parts of discontinued items are also released.

NTB Front Fork Dust Seal

Used for NSR 50 Front fork. We also examined OEM Product but we bought this because the price is cheap.Slotted screwdriveretc also replaced. There was no problem with use.

NTB 座垫皮

A hole opened from the sewn part of LEAD 110 so I tried using this product. Tucker is necessary for re-exchanging, but also with a leg length of about 6 mm Staple (needle) If there is, since cloth has...

NTB Front Fork Dust Seal

Purchased for NSR 50 Front fork 31 pie. Used things so far It cracked and it looked bad so it was replaced. I pulled out little by little with a slotted screwdriver so as not to scratch it.

NTB Exhaust Gasket

Order with Exhaust System. Exhaust System shortage. Not in stock. Gasket will not need !! Only this product has been sent, how can I do? It is better to sell a cuddle closer to the user a bit more!

NTB 空气滤芯

【What made you decide the purchase?】 OEM Parts Number has been discontinued and was looking for alternative products.【How was it actually used?】 It was easy to install because it can be cut into your ...

NTB 煞车皮(碟式煞车)

Cospa best.There is no dissatisfaction if braking is also good and the town stair Main.Brake is a life-threatening part, so it will be troublesome to worry cheaply, but if this is not complain.

NTB 码表线

I was able to install it to SUPER CUB 90 without problem.Length was also the same as OEM.Although it is not a fixed memory, the price feels like a price with no difference between the time when you pu...

NTB 转向柱用钢珠

I was going to purchase with OEM Product but I found this item! OEM Product is high anyway. At Net, the Other Company Product was almost at a loss and was in trouble. Since it is still being adjusted ...

NTB 煞车皮(碟式煞车)

I am always using the town because I am a city riding, Touring Main. Although it is a consumable item, I am purchasing a Brand that quality, Cospa's Balance can be relieved well and safe. Lineup i...

NTB 空气滤芯

I am happy that Cost performance is high even if it says anything.Although the Large Air Filter is collapsed in the body which is not maintained at all in old mopeds, this NTB made Air Filter is saved...

NTB 闪光继电器 二轮车用 12V (2端子)

Helmet in JOG attached to sports. The reason for replacement is occasionally because Blinker does not work on the way during Blinker operation. Because this Connector shape of Relay is different for t...

NTB 闪光继电器 二轮车用 6V (2端子)

Used for restoring 6 VGORILLA. Mounting Holder is also included and easy to use. There is no problem in operation. The appearance is not the one of Plastic used in recent Motorcycle but the place of G...

NTB Tie Wrap Black

Tie Wrap selling at Daiso etc. is uneasy so I bought one for Motorcycle.I wish I could buy Hera Manta Iton or something. Attentive to COSPA.We do not yet know about weather resistance and durability.

NTB 闪光继电器 二轮车用 6V (2端子)

There is only about this product for rel 6 of for 6V.I bought it on a different vehicle but there is no problem.I think if the price is cheaper a little more.

NTB 闪光继电器 二轮车用 6V (2端子)

It exchanged for the pure Blinker relay.
Since a little line which shines just is processed into a pure Blinker relay and appropriation can do, it is not necessary to put the hand into a Main harnes...