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PMC(Performance Motorcycle Creat

Ranked 29 of 1,795 brands   安全帽锁
(656 会员评论)


PMC(Performance Motorcycle Creative) 油杯开关

Perfect, quality product that installs easily. After driving with my new tank pmc several kilometers no trace of gasoline leak. Lever control is light.

PMC(Performance Motorcycle Creative) 无土除套件

This kit fits perfect and have a very nice finish..
All nuts and bolts are included.
I had no use of the building shame as it is in Japanese,but it´s a simple job...

PMC(Performance Motorcycle Creative) ZEPHYR1100専用 ...

These nuts are well machined and fits perfect.
Made of stainless steel they will not rust like the stock ones, and that will make them easier to remove later

PMC(Performance Motorcycle Creative) 码表缆线

I thought that it was the same as OEM at first, but it was cut off on about 50 km running.Since I am not a big price difference I will buy OEM next.

PMC(Performance Motorcycle Creative) 偏移驱动齿盘垫片

I used it for the offset adjustment of 520 Conversion of z 1000 j.Installation accuracy was not problem at all.I will purchase again if I have the opportunity.

PMC(Performance Motorcycle Creative) 可调式侧驻

Although it used it from before, it is intense due to aged deterioration, and it was replaced with a new one.As long as you are using it for a long time, the pinched portion to the car body gradually ...

PMC(Performance Motorcycle Creative) Stylish・坐垫・完成...

1 CospaThe price was affordable, and it was in Sale, so it came in cheaply together with Point.2 InstallationA slight gap can be made as with other impres, but by changing OEMSeat 's gold tool it ...

PMC(Performance Motorcycle Creative) 燃油油箱

Order a first time, I received a tank with defects, webike immediately took charge the return for free and sent me a new one in France.
Now the tank is just perfect.

PMC(Performance Motorcycle Creative) LOCKHEART TYP...

I installed it on the SR 400 FI, but I can not go on a regular basis. It was pretty difficult, but I could cleanly install it. Other than that, the price is not high and I am very happy.

PMC(Performance Motorcycle Creative) Stylish 座椅总成

Before and after Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) There was a gap in everything. If this is allowed by individual differences, I think that there are no defective items. I felt there was a reason ...

PMC(Performance Motorcycle Creative) 绝缘束环组

Insulator band is not a good thing if tightened tightly. However,. When replacing Insulator Screw Mountain is sorely exchanged together without exception. It is a cheap consumable item. There is no se...

PMC(Performance Motorcycle Creative) 起动马达继电器

Refresh according to Harness exchange of Z750FX3 !!We processed Wiring and moved it under the Battery case at the position where Regulator was located in OEM.I pray for a long time.

PMC(Performance Motorcycle Creative) 绝缘束环组

Die length is just going to be several more millimeters.
a feeling -- short kana.
If there are brand-name parts, does he recommend there?...

PMC(Performance Motorcycle Creative) 起动马达继电器

Since the relay of the cell broke down, it exchanged for here instead of an original manufacturer's product. A result does not change mostly that it is pure, although it can use ordinarily. It is only...

PMC(Performance Motorcycle Creative) 通用型安全帽锁

PCX does not have Combination Nifrek. Seat is also narrow. I use it for Combination Nifrek for a bit of shopping. I installed it in HandlebarCenter, but it was mounted only diagonally. But as Combinat...

PMC(Performance Motorcycle Creative) 通用型安全帽锁

I use it for ZX-12R using Pipe Handlebar. Standard Equipment's Wire type lock was very hard to use and I did not use it, so I bought this item.Installation is easy and is completed if it is 10 min...

PMC(Performance Motorcycle Creative) 通用型安全帽锁

Attaching a Side case holder etc. to SEROW and its brothers may interfere with existing Helmet holders and be unusable in some cases, but it is useful for such cases.High texture and beautiful appeara...

PMC(Performance Motorcycle Creative) 通用型安全帽锁

【What made you decide the purchase?】The fact that there were many VTR attachment articles of this product and Cost performance.Because the Mounting Bolt becomes inside of the hook when Helmet is fixed...

PMC(Performance Motorcycle Creative) 通用型安全帽锁

Can be installed in GSX-S1000. The thickness of the Handlebar or Mirror part could be installed.It is near OEM's Tandem Footpeg, but the installation position is a matter of preference.I think uni...

PMC(Performance Motorcycle Creative) 通用型安全帽锁

Fixed to Handlebar. I can adjust the thickness with Rubber's Spacer, but in the case of my case I got loose but it did not fit well, so I adjusted the size by cutting the Rubber.I do not feel that...

PMC(Performance Motorcycle Creative) 通用型安全帽锁

Since there is no Helmet Furuda in YAMAHA XJ 6 F, I tried to attach this product which is a Universal Product. In the state I bought, Bike 's Pipe was too thick and I could not use the included Bo...

PMC(Performance Motorcycle Creative) 通用型安全帽锁

When purchasing a little shopping with PCX, it was troublesome to open Seat and store Helmet, so I bought this product.Since it is attached to the Handlebar, it is convenient for Large to be able to s...

PMC(Performance Motorcycle Creative) 通用型安全帽锁

The vehicle is Honda PCX.I used an OEM, but installed it hard to use.Making is solid and good.Recommended for those who are looking for a Helmet holder.

PMC(Performance Motorcycle Creative) 通用型安全帽锁

Purchase referring to everyone's impression!Recommendation can be done with the expected use feeling (^^)I wonder if the price is cheaper a little more★ I will make it 4!

PMC(Performance Motorcycle Creative) 后悬吊安装挂钩

OEM's Rear Suspension Mount Hook was a long time feeling on my own.This PMC's Rear Suspension Mount Hook is short and made sharp and Silhouette is satisfied with Refreshing.I chose Black for M...