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Sasaki sports club

Ranked 443 of 1,795 brands   排气系统(排气喉)
(15 会员评论)

Sasaki Sports Club是专为BMW摩托车提供改装零件的品牌,绝不妥协的精神,秉持着为所有骑士带来一段「骑乘时的欢愉时光」,生产制造众多相关商品。

Sasaki sports club 全段排气管

I would have liked to attach a few images of the bike with the exhaust when I posted the review. Please enjoy the attached images of a really fabulous exhaust system.

Sasaki sports club 全段排气管

I have just installed this exhaust system by Sasaki of Japan on my 2008 HP2 Megamoto in Australia. It is the gentlemen's performance exhaust, not obnoxious and no removable baffle to hound the neighbo...

Sasaki sports club 钛合金排气管尾段

Until purchase I went astray at OEM's AXIS RAPOVICH in a historical amount, but I tried picking one that I had wanted to wear once more than before.First of all, I was surprised at the moment I re...

Sasaki sports club 车架防烫护盖

I also saw others' impreses and purchased it.When installing Tank (Or say, Air cleanerCover? And Cowl around, so it will take a bit of effort, but we do not need processing at the moment, so we ar...

Sasaki sports club 油箱中央护盖

Sasaki sports club Center carbon fiber cover uses excellent material with high glossy surface. It fits perfectly without using much tools to fix. As for the top detechable cover, You may need some for...

Sasaki sports club 钛合金机油冷却器护罩

a product and a Package -- there are both high grade feelings.
The Fitting after attachment is also very good touch.
It is regrettable that the description is not attached....

Sasaki sports club 后土除(有标志)

[webike Monitor] The Emblem with the > Luster was purchased.
Although I think that price is somewhat high, it has done precisely, and structure also becomes a little Accent and is pleasing.

Sasaki sports club 钛合金全段排气管

Although attached to r1200r of 09 models, the automobile inspection was improper as it did not suit in 19 of emission control.
a Homepage -- (-- although a part is written to be the outside) of confo...

Sasaki sports club 钛合金全段排气管

It attached to R1200R for 09 years. Appearance is high grade feeling perfect in a glow color peculiar to somewhat thick pure exhaust pipe and titanium. Attachment of a pannier or a center stand is als...

Sasaki sports club 钛合金全段排气管

Mufflers were exchanged, and usual management became light and became comfortable. Moreover, the image-change effects, such as glow coloring of titanium, also raise appearance with a sufficient parent...

Sasaki sports club Garage 后摇臂驻车架

HP2 SPORT 190 / When it is 55 Tire, when I remove STAND it is not easy to escape straight, so I was at first confused.By slanting slightly when pulling out, you can exit without problems.I think that ...

Sasaki sports club 无线天线支架

[Webbike Monitor] A set of walkie-talkies was transferred in connection with the change of the > Motorcycle.
Although the Antenna stay was put on the market by the same price range also from other co...